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Frequently Asked Question and Important Information

  1. What is your capacity:   The capacity is 200 or less.  Events over 200 will be considered by may not be approved.

  2. What is included in the rental Fees:   All the amenities listed on the "Amenities" page on this website are included in the rental fees.

  3. How much is the deposit?    The deposit is $150 and is applied to your balance.

  4. How late can events end?  All events must end at midnight.  You may request an extension until 1am, however, all music, food and beverages must stop at midnight.

  5. Do you allow alcohol?   Yes.  We follow all ABLE Commission law.  We do not allow any underage drinking for any reason.  Any person under 21 years of age caught drinking on the premise will be asked to leave immediately and the event stopped.  No refunds will be give if event is stopped.  Cash bars are not allowed at this time.

  6. Do you have a preferred vendor list?  No, you may bring in any food and beverage you would like.  Whether it be catered or potluck style, no restrictions on food.  

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